• West End

Padua. A wealthy lady of the town, Minola, seeks suitors for her two eligible sons; but while a queue of suitors lines up to woo the handsome and agreeable younger of the two, the elder's reputation as an ill-tempered shrew could yet prove disastrous for his family's prospects&

An exhilarating retelling of Shakespeares's dark comedy, where social absurdities are turned on their head, to glorious comic effect.

The thrilling centrepiece of Custom/Practice's month long festival at the Arts investigating evolving relations between minority groups and the theatre - with a focus on gender, race and disability - this unique production sees the main characters switch sex, in a world where the women hold the power and the men are to be advantageously wed.

A hilariously disorienting exploration that breathes new life into to this darkest of Shakespearean comedies - expect a production that gallops along with Custom/Practice's trademark pace and energy, and an irreverent celebration of a well-loved classic.