Talking Heads – ‘A Lady of Letters’ by Alan Bennett
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

Alan Bennett is something of an institution in Britain, known for the way in which he can encapsulate a world of voices within a single monologue. Bennett sealed his reputation as the master of observation with 'Talking Heads' his series of 12 ground-breaking monologues. Darkly comic, tragically poignant and wonderfully uplifting, the series is widely regarded as a modern classic. In 'A lady of Letters ', Miss Ruddock's civil liberties are dear to her, and writing letters is how she likes to assert those rights. Not, however, social communications filled with harmless news, but letters of complaint, comment and, occasionally, officious praise to various businesses and government departments.

One of these missives pushes her to the brink, with unexpected, but liberating consequences.