Cirque Alfonse return to Adelaide with their newest show and it’s a very different beast to their last hit, BARBU. Set in a sanctuary-like space set with pews and random clutter, the mixed cast are dressed in white, apparent monks or celebrants in this tabernacle of circus.

With a reputation for cheeky, fun performance, Cirque Alfonse have created another delightful show.

There’s some playful beanbag hockey – they are Canadian after all – that works as a soft open to the show before the live soundtrack from the talented trio of musicians gets things really started. This is followed by a rhythmic tap routine from the cast and an excellent roller-skating act that has the audience shrieking as performers are swung and spun around the stage.

Everyone onstage is highly skilled and there’s an excellent array of circus presented during the show. Particular highlights include a bell ringing rope routine that defies gravity, a fantastic set piece on the Russian Bar and some excellent choreographed poi performed with incense burners. The real standout is a Chinese pole routine that showcases the strength and skill of the cast and even has this jaded circus reviewer amazed.

With a reputation for cheeky, fun performance, Cirque Alfonse have created another delightful show. Perhaps the only way it doesn’t succeed is in comparison to BARBU which was an almost overwhelming joyful experience. Tabarnak is a more thoughtful and yet equally energetic experience and is highly recommended. Maybe skip church and head to Tabarnak – it won’t save your soul but it will certainly enrich it.

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The Blurb

From the creators that brought you the five star Adelaide Fringe 2016/17 sell-out show BARBU.

Cirque Alfonse return with their newest production, TABARNAK.

Something like a rock-musical, a celebration of Heaven and Hell & everything in between, a fiesta of circus, music and reaching for the sky...all in the inimitable style of Cirque Alfonse.

They embark on an anarchic and poetic ‘way of the cross’, a lively musical circus where the organ takes a riff on the traditional & the acrobatics turn the church pews upside down. And we all come together for a rollicking good time!

“Crque Alfonse ... electrifies once again with this demanding and highly original TABARNAK.” La Presse

“Judging by the audience response at the end of the piece, it seems that their prayers were answered.” La Presse