A wonderful farsical musical romp in the tradition of Mapp and Lucia, Glee and The Stepford Wives, Swing! is the story of a lower-class family who move to wealthy suburban Wafthead and become embroiled in the petty machinations of the local Lawn Tennis Club. Sexy tennis coaches and miniature quiches abound as the yummie mummies of the Club attempt to influence the outcome of the under-16s’ tournament by a variety of increasingly unlikely methods. Highlights include knowing references to Tim Henman, a chorus of disembodied percussion instruments and a gangsta-rap Bar Mitzvah.The show is at its best deploying the sort of character-based humour found in Glee, the three mothers in particular seducing the audience with their particular brand of horny conservatism and their discovery of the lunge walk. The show is at its worst when descending into puerility where perhaps a more accomplished script would have held back; the scene in which the plot hinges on the identification of a semen sample causes rolled eyes all around. One actor is unfairly stretched in three roles of teacher, postman and tennis celebrity, and each of these bit parts really deserve the chance to shine a less cramped cast (and less tight trousers) would have offered. Despite these minor setbacks, Swing! promises clever lyrics, fabulous hair design - whoever did that is a genius - and an enjoyable afternoon with the strawberries and cream.

Reviews by James T. Harding

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Bedlam Theatre

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Backhands, Big Bands and bonking at Wafthead Tennis Club in a musical satire with heart (and balls) and a toe-tapping live score. From the team behind 2008 hit 'Kiddy-Fiddler on the Roof': **** 'Irreverent, ballsy ... Superlative comic writing' (Whatsonstage.com).