Sweater Curse: A Yarn About Love

If you love a good story, then you'll love this. This 'pearl' of a show tells of the horror of the Sweater Curse - that if you begin to knit anything for a lover they are sure to have left you before the garment is finished, that such expressions reveal a degree of insecurity in a relationship and one’s attempts to address them are rarely successful. Aided by 'Knit-Lit' which ranges from Shakespeare to Dickens, Elaine Liner will show just how wool-work and love are intertwined to demonstrate that love is what knits us all together. Through anecdotes and memories and even a lesson in hyperbolic geometry we see the effects that men such as David, Douglas, Ed and Andy have had on this Texan tale-teller. There will be something that everyone can relate to such as the importance of timing, or to use my new-found knitting terminology, the 'cast-on'.

Short of knitting me a jumper, there isn't much more Liner could have done to ensure I enjoyed myself.

If you're tired of The Mile and looking for a gentle and informal story then look no further because this is hard to fault. At times it feels much like spoken-word, although it is very much a play, with clever unobtrusive lighting that perfectly matches the mood. It is dramatic, charming, full of wit, hope and sadness and told with such style and elegance that I never missed a line. Liner's delivery is balanced and varied, with her tone never becoming soporific or monotonous. I so often felt like she was talking just to me and I bet I was not the only one to feel like that. Moreover, this lady seems cracking fun; she's just the type of person you want to invite to a barbecue and you'd never run out of conversation. Get her on the radio!

Short of knitting me a jumper, there isn't much more Liner could have done to ensure I enjoyed myself. This is a complete and hidden gem - the feel-good moment of the Fringe. Bring your knitting if you want, or if you don't have any with you then there is some supplied. You even get a freebie at the end!

Liner truly deserves an audience: that space should be packed out everyday with friendly knitters who love a good yarn. I still can't quite believe how much I liked this and I was afraid that by hyping this up it will do it no favours because it will raise expectations. I genuinely believe, however, that this is as good as it can be and for that, it's worth a full house - of stars as well as people.


The Blurb

From Dallas, Texas, smart new comedy about love, movies, great literature and unfinished jumpers. Craft night with more laughs! Bring your knitting! `Elaine Liner's hilarious stories add up to a well-spun yarn' (TheaterJones.com).