Suspicious Package

Suspicious Package is an interactive film in which the audience of five play the main characters. Guided by their own personal screen, the showgirl, the heiress, the journalist, the detective and the producer wonder around C too, gradually unravelling a dark and delightful mystery in the very best tradition of film noir. Somewhere between a live-action murder mystery and an immersive film, expect concealed identity, parcel switches, chases through the atmospheric Grassmarket and surprising interactions with shop keepers.Introduced to their new identities by the lovely Gyda, each audience member has unique film clips, maps, music, dialogue and instructions to guide them through the fourty-minute experience. The integration between the film segments explaining the background of the characters and the ‘real-life’ encounters in which dialogue is read off the screen is well-though out, as is the gradual amassing of information in each of the individual time-lines. Original music sets the atmosphere beautifully and the mystery of what is going on elsewhere in the game is a constant titillation. Perhaps the adaption from the New York version didn’t work as well as it should have though, as as one point my character's MP3 player ran out of material and I was given baseball game footage to amuse me while I waited for the others to catch up.I advise potential attendees to practice their New York accents now and to take friends who are good actors who don’t mind being silly in public. No Fringe experience is complete without a visit to one of the several experimental, innovative and interactive shows that Edinburgh does so well - book your tickets now as limited numbers as well as return customers mean Suspicious Package will sell out in Edinburgh just as it did in New York.

Reviews by James T. Harding

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The Blurb

Following a sold-out run in NYC, this interactive experience uses iPods to immerse you into the gritty world of film noir, where not everything is black and white. A singular experience. 'You'll be smiling!' (New York Times). Advance booking recommended.