Sushi Tap Show

This exuberant, toe-tapping spectacular is a sure-fire crowd pleaser. Japanese troupe Tap Do is a quintet of accomplished performers with an exceptional comedic ability.

It’s kooky, high-energy, laugh-a-minute stuff and an absolute joy to experience.

They have me hooked from the moment they appear, clad in hot pink suits, and perform as though they’re a symphony with a conductor indicating which pair of shoes should slap and shuffle next. This show incorporates the best of variety entertainment – it’s part circus and almost part sketch show, all on taps. There’s juggling of hats, of blocks, of batons. It has an invasion of Irish dancers, cross dressing, bad recorder playing and impressive percussion. There are deft displays of physical precision and the tap dance choreography is delightful.

All the performers have fantastic stage presence – Pokei in particular, knows how to play the clown and engage the audience, and his animated facial expressions are wonderful.

Language is no barrier as there’s not much speaking in the show. When there is, it’s used humorously. For example, in an amusing segment that invites audience participation (and gets it, with much enthusiasm) we learn that while English speakers describe the sound a frog makes as ‘ribbit ribbit’, in Japan, it’s ‘kero kero’.

Another highlight is a scene in which two of the guys both have their sights on the same girl at a bar. How to win her attentions? Clearly a cocktail-shaker juggling duel is the most appropriate response. The skill here of the performers is apparent, particularly in the face of repeated failure, which milks our sympathy (between laughter) with hilarious emotive music, but also shows that in this highly physical performance having a plan B is important.

This show had me laughing until I cried. It had me cheering, clapping and perching on the edge of my seat to see what they would come up with next. It’s kooky, high-energy, laugh-a-minute stuff and an absolute joy to experience. You won’t walk away disappointed.

Reviews by Emma Gibson

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The Blurb

Sell-out comedy tap dance show is back at the Edinburgh Fringe! Awfully addictive eccentric performances combine tap, circus, and music hall schtik for an unforgettable toe-tapping experience you've never seen before. 'What a find' **** (Scotsman).