Susan Murray's F*ckwit Club

The feisty fire-headed pocket rocket Susan Murray is here to reveal the breadth and depth of just who possesses membership to the F*ckwit Club. One thing is for certain; it is a broad Church.

A friendly low-brow hour of free comedy.

It’s worth pointing out that Susan’s definition of exactly what a fuckwit is sits somewhere between an idiot and a nasty piece of work. Performing a stupid and self-defeating action can earn you membership as much as being a racist jerk to someone. Susan walks us through the various manifestations of fuckwittery; from the badly dressed fuckwits, to the fuckwits you’re related to, to driving fuckwits, to online fuckwits and beyond. It appears that there are many ways to join the club. Murray augments her performance with a slideshow of some master-level fuckwits; for demonstration. Murray has clearly spent a lot of time observing and recording the way of the fuckwit.

Murray invites us to recognise that we’re all fuckwits on some level. She seeks examples from the crowd of some of the most fuckwitted things we may have done. At the end of the show Murray awards an audience member the coveted title of lead fuckwit.

Murray’s delivery is conversational and amiable. She handled multiple technical hitches in the show well. There’s a lot of herself in the show and the audience was appreciative. In terms of jokes; the show was a bit of a mixed bag. There were a few surprise gems that caught unawares. However there were just as many shock jokes that didn’t quite carry enough wit to justify them, for example, bringing up the Holocaust. Offend away, but make it worthwhile. Murray’s efforts to engage various audience members by impersonating the accents from their home countries was not particularly skilful and definitely appealed to the lowest common denominator in the room. Having said that, the audience was more than appreciative.

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

First rule of F*ckwit Club; nobody knows why they’re in F*ckwit Club. I haven’t worked out the other rules yet. Everybody's been a fuckwit at some point in their life. Ever lost your glasses while wearing them? Driven the wrong way down a one way street? Dumped someone by text? If so we want you for F*ckwit Club. ‘Cynicism that could fell a rhino at 1,000 paces. Like it’ (Al Murray). ‘Susan Murray’s baffled everywoman persona cloaks a dry, intelligent wit’ (Stewart Lee). ‘Honest and crafty, it’s clear Susan can be fearlessly confrontational’ **** (