Stinky Show

Hitch and Mitch’s intentions were to be so bad that they were good. They succeeded and for a free show, were surprisingly entertaining. Mitch’s deadpan style and Hitch’s fun-loving one complemented each other.

Stumbling over their already sloppy sketches, delivering awful punch-lines along with an ironic sort of theme tune, they made the audience laugh, perhaps against their will. They showed slide after slide of chaotic mayhem about different foods and how ‘big they are in Japan’, delivered at lightning speed and weaving in several cheesy jokes throughout. They then performed some bizarre skits set in bread factories followed by children’s TV shows which purposely and appropriately flopped.

Thanks to a very involved audience member, nicknamed ‘Mr Fumbles’, the show was made ‘even more of a shambles than it usually is.’ It’s difficult to say anything bad about them - as that was their aim - although there is only so much scruffiness, tackiness and bizarreness that a person can take, even if it did strike a chord for part of the time.

This isn’t really a show for people in search of sophisticated observational comedy, or anything traditional for that matter. However, it was fast-paced, never boring and everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves.

The Blurb

Critics' favourite Hitch and Mitch, ‘slight, amateurish and anticlimactic’ **** (Skinny), ‘belabouring punch lines’ (List), 'Arse' (ThreeWeeks) return with another silly afflatus which guarantees conniption. What's that name again? That's right, it's the Stinky Show. #stinkyshow.