Still Breathing

2Faced Dance Company has been one of the major successes of the Fringe over the last few years, with several critically-acclaimed sold-out shows. This year they are back at Zoo Southside with a new show, called Still Breathing.This show is something of a departure from previous shows, which were really a demonstration of the skills of the dancers, singly and in combination. Still Breathing has a major theme, an exploration of the space we occupy. As the world we live in becomes ever more crowded and our senses ever more overwhelmed we find ourselves gasping for air. This is demonstrated by the use of moveable gantries which start at the extremes of the set and gradually move inwards so that by the end of the show the performers have no space and are forced higher and higher to escape.The dancing is, as ever, of the highest quality. The eight members of this all-male group are all extremely fit, athletic and talented. They tumble, roll and spin and they breakdance but they also perform classical ballet moves. Still Breathing is a more polished and professional show than previous years’ performances but perhaps it’s also a little less raw and exciting. Still well worth seeing.

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The Blurb

Award-winning 2FaCeD return with a highly-charged, gritty new work exploring the space we occupy. Stunning athleticism, explosive abstract breaking and masculine vulnerability, set to an electrifyingly intense soundtrack. 'A force to be reckoned with' -**** (Scotsman).