Steve Hall's Very Still Life

Steve Hall, part of the sketch comedy show We are Klang, is an appealing comic. Back in the Fringe for the first time since 2008, the way he shambles on stage he seems like a normal and lovely guy. This is, unfortunately, how things stay for him and his material remains mediocre throughout the set.Hall’s material is based around his wife. The comic had to spend eight months away from his wife after they were first married because his visa to Australia was denied and her entrance to the UK was turned down. This was a depressing eight months apparently and Steve Hall tells us about this extensively. Unlike most comics this is not used as an advantage to Hall but actually damages his set.This is not to say that the material is all bad, there are some excellent moments here. The best came with a horrible story involving Veet cream that will make even the hardiest comic fan cringe. Hall’s observations on the differences between peoples are also amusing.The set never really broke new ground. Although Steve Hall is undoubtedly a funny man, the choice of theme and the safe ground of his humour simply aren't enough to paint a masterpiece.

The Blurb

We Are Klang man, and Russell Howard tour support. 'The most intelligent stand-up you've never heard' (GQ), 'Wonderfully misanthropic' (Sunday Times), ‘Deadpan brilliance' (Time Out).