Standing on the Shoulders of Ants
  • Great Yorkshire Fringe

This is beanpole lunatic stand-up. He's surreal and topical. His Nan's decision to let him stay up aged six to watch Crimewatch is examined. Pretruth, post truth and alternative facts are dealt with. There are passing references to David Attenborough, Ben Fogle, the cult of narcissism, daytime TV, politics, drugs all tied together in a neat little bow. If we had to say it's was about a particular one thing, we'd be struggling. Madness and tall tales kind of covers it. Oh and he also ends up somehow implicated as a serial killer.

"He careers between unhinged, irrational and extreme vitriolic hatred of wheelie suitcases to hilarious self-effacing anecdotes over his own pathetic nature without missing a beat, providing laughs as long as he is tall." - Alan Richardson, Surge Festival

"Steves strength is his ability to effortlessly deliver his surreal and silly stories in a laid-back, languid style which never fails to suck you into his world, whether you want to go there or not." - Wes Dalton, Funny Feckers