STAC @ Northbrook Musical Theatre Showcase 2017

The STAC @ Northbrook Showcase featured 14 Musical Theatre Degree students, advertising their many performance talents in just over an hour of song and dance. The fourteen-strong company deftly tackled material across a wide range of classic and contemporary styles, from haunting numbers from Carrie and Sweeney Todd to the sugar-sweet harmonies of Waitress. The showcase also featured a number of well-arranged medleys from Boyfriend, and the Tony nominated Dear Evan Hansen, along with accomplished tap and contemporary dance routines.

it was a pleasure, if a little intimidating, to spend an afternoon witnessing the talents of 14 triple threats

The talent from the entire company was plain to see from the offset, their focus and energy unwavering and their incredibly strong vocal aptitude filling the auditorium. Although the men were a little overpowered by the women, even if just by number alone, in the ensemble pieces, they came into their own in solo moments. Dylan Andrews and Tommy Smith delivered a particularly powerful interpretive dance sequence exploring the effect prohibitive standards of masculinity has on men’s mental health. This felt especially relevant with Mind and Rethink Mental Illness’ current Time to Change campaign, which focuses on ending the stigma around men’s mental health problems.

Although there were some sound hiccups and the dance routines upset the flow of the musical material a little, it was a small blemish on an otherwise brilliant performance that was well received by an appreciative audience. It was a pleasure, if a little intimidating, to spend an afternoon witnessing the talents of 14 triple threats, all of whom look to be well on the way to treading the boards across Theatreland and beyond.

Reviews by Lois Zoppi

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Musical Theatre Degree students from STAC @ Northbrook present their 2017 Showcase. A range of classic and contemporary pieces from a wide range of composers in a variety of styles.