St Andrews Presents - Blind Mirth Improv Comedy

This is improvisation at it's best. Both this reviewer and the audience loved it.The premise is simple. Similar to Who's line is it anyway?, random phrases are called out (objects, non geographical locations, relationships etc.) and then the performers have to act out a scene with no preparation apart from endless hours of rehearsing.

Quick thinking is an understatement for this talented, extraordinary young cast. These seven students from St Andrews knew their stuff and never paused to think how they would interpret the audience's suggestions. Even the most obscure ideas, such as comparing love to a 75ft hand glider, were accomplished on the spot flawlessly and had the audience in hysterics.

The actors worked brilliantly together. It has to be said that some, unfortunately, were louder and funnier than others. However, this was in fact beneficial as the more timid members of the cast kept the momentum going and the louder members (typically the boys) came out with brilliant one liners. New games were thought up too - making a scene from a track on an audience member's iPod added a great new feature to Fringe improv.

This is what the Fringe is about. Nowadays the biggest arts festival on earth is dominated by big acts which the mainstream audiences stick to. Their loss.

The Blurb

St Andrews' award-winning improv comedy troupe returns to the Fringe with short and long form games. Watch us take suggestions from your iPods, wallets, cringeworthy stories, and more. **** (