Sploshy: A Sketch Show

The humour of sketch troupe Sploshy can most realistically be described as lazy. The jokes feature anti-girlfriend and anti-wife sentiments, food spillages and fights, nose-picking, dirty lyrics about the elderly and attempts made by one of them to seduce or molest another. Often they gave the impression that they were trying to be weird and absurdist but weren’t taking it far enough, or approaching it with enough energy.

The sketches were slow and had a habit of dragging on with no promise of a punchline. Across the board the characters were more-or-less indistinguishable from one another, or from one sketch to the next. They had few individualised props or costumes or none at all and not really any distinct ways of speaking, moving or holding their faces.

There were also a few technical and practical hitches. Sometimes the music for the next sketch would start when one of them was still speaking. Whenever the floor or even the chairs were used, nothing could be seen by anyone beyond the third row. Of course that isn’t necessarily Sploshy’s fault but is something which they should address.

A few people walked out, but several did laugh heartily throughout. Sploshy are enjoyable enough, but nothing special.

The Blurb

Legendary comedians Sploshy (Hohenschonhausen Comedy Expo '86 runners-up) reunite, looking fondly back at their greatest hits and lost youth, pending investigation from the UK Border Agency. 'Intense energy, unique delivery, great writing' **** (BroadwayBaby.com).