Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex

Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex is the sex-ed class we all wish we’d had. Starring a young cast and recounting real life experiences, Propolis Theatre’s production talks honestly about sex. It explores the good, the bad and the ugly of sexual encounters, from childhood to adult relationships; making use of music and monologue to voice these stories clearly. Perfectly orchestrated and fluidly performed, Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex is a funny and brutally honest look at both light and dark subject matter.

The actors do a fantastic job of bringing their experiences to life, giving great performances to each sexuality and the colourful characters behind them

Beginning with the unfurling of a sign reading “Sex Party”, the show focuses in on the different actors as they talk about their different sexual experiences. Both bookmarking this and taking place during it is light choreography as the other actors keep the beat going through their movements. The music is great, establishing a party atmosphere that helps link one story to the next, with songs also used to talk specifically about the funnier issues. A huge range of personalities and pasts are explored here, with monologues and dialogues (and songs) exploring first experiences, social pressures, feelings about virginity, affection, dating, experiences with catcalling, asexuality, fantasies and fetishes, each humanised by actors recounting the often crazy and embarrassing scenarios or feelings that sex brings with it.

The stories recounting rape, transgender issues and medical problems are given a softer, more poignant approach, but the beat keeps going, including these experiences with every other. Underlying each story is a sardonically black humour that fits in perfectly with the wonderfully weird atmosphere of the “sex party”, with everyone wearing party hats and throwing balloons around. The production is visually and aurally creative, using both sounds and choreography to express the emotions of the characters, resulting in some hilarious moments. The song (and choreography behind it) about orgasms is particularly funny.

The actors do a fantastic job of bringing their experiences to life, giving great performances to each sexuality and the colourful characters behind them. The production asks for inclusiveness and honesty, both from the stories it tells and from the audience. Spill: A Verbatim Show About Sex is a show by the Millennial generation, for the Millennial generation, perfectly capturing the nuances of its lifestyles and style of humour. This is the first generation that can talk about all of these issues without censure, treating all of these issues with both sympathy and respect, in fun and emotive ways.

Reviews by Euan Brook

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The Blurb

'Bloody hell, erm... I have no idea, I've never tried to describe an orgasm before. It's like a little treat, isn't it? Yeah, it's like a little treat, I think.' We're making a show about sex. Because it's at the start of everything, at the heart of everything. Because we're taught that we shouldn't be talking about it. That it should be hairless, monogamous, skinny, heterosexual... We spoke to people from different backgrounds, sexualities and experiences to give you an honest look at what sex is. We are putting your words in our mouths.