Spencer Jones: The Audition

Spencer Jones is a genius but I’m not sure why. In his latest show The Audition he combines all of the best elements of his previous shows; object manipulation, loop pedal and recorded

An excellent performer, a professional clown. A real master of physical comedy and clowning.

sounds and songs, and very silly faces and noises. He urges us that this is very much lower than a ‘work in progress’ showing, and things might go wrong (and they do) but no matter. We are still go with him on this very silly journey.

Jones is just happily doing his thing, silly voices and cutting up tennis balls for us until he is interrupted by a phone call from his agent. We then watch him prepare for his audition; via many different previous auditions and other scenarios. Most of them utterly ridiculous, but wholly enjoyable.

It’s a masterclass in clowning. Embracing the unpredictable nature of a Saturday night audience with innocence, he has us with him from the word go. This felt a particularly tough crowd, especially the man in the front row who had no idea what he was watching or why he was laughing. But that is the joy of watching Jones. You are never sure what is coming next and whatever it is, it’s always a surprise. Even the incoherent noises are funny.

This show is slightly different to previous incarnations of Herbert (Spencer Jones’ character). There are questions asked and there’s a whole lot of heart. The sequences with his ‘son’ are particularly lovely. This time we see Jones for who he really is, or who he wants us to believe he is. These moments are never indulged in and are totally convincing. But they are almost immediately subverted by some fabulously silly nonsense. A vibration plate has never been so funny.

If you have never seen Spencer Jones before, you are missing out. He is an excellent performer, a professional clown. A real master of physical comedy and clowning. 

Reviews by Emily Jane Kerr

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The Blurb

BAFTA nominee. UK Barry winner: Best Show and Best Performer. Spencer Jones returns to Edinburgh with a mash-up of music, visual, prop, character comedy. Creator, writer and star of BBC's Big Babies. As seen on Live At The Apollo, Upstart Crow, Skins, Hollyoaks, Family Tree. The Herbert wakes up in his flat on a very important morning. He has an audition for a big movie and he is determined to get it right but he just cant get the lines right. ***** (Times). *****1/2 (Chortle.co.uk). ***** (Evening Standard). **** (BroadwayBaby.com). **** (Scotsman).