Sound and Fury's 'Private Dick'

Imagine if Frank Sinatra and David Walliams put on a film noir parody with Deano Wicks from Eastenders. That’s pretty much what to expect from Private Dick - that and a load of ‘dick’ jokes. The three-man team that are Sound and Fury are exuberant in this gritty tale of real-life smut and highfalutin similes. I loved the barkeeper of three ethnicities, the church of the throbbing heart in which the scriptures are romance fiction, and the cross-dressing secretary with her difficulty in answering the phone while it’s still ringing. Not so great was the rather long wrestling scene between the sports trophies - although the drunker members of the audience loved that as well.The strength of this production comes from the three actors’ amazing audience interaction. Patrick Hercamp in particular had some great banter with the audience, in one scene using a man in the front row as a hatstand, in another somehow priming all the girls in the audience to moan ecstatically on cue. Don’t go to this show expecting a coherent play, or even a film noir satire, just an hour of silly jokes and sillier walks. I have to be honest - several people walked out in the middle of this show. But as all of them came back with pint, it didn’t really matter.

Reviews by James T. Harding

Pleasance Courtyard


Bedlam Theatre

The Duck Pond


The Blurb

It's a film noir parody in the signature style of previous hits 'Cyranose' and 'Sherlock Holmes and the Saline Solution': song, silliness and sex... ual innuendo! ***** (Edinburgh Evening News, ThreeWeeks, Fest,, **** (Scotsman).