So You Say

The multi-talented writer and director Sam Chittenden has done it again. Two actors stand on the stage and deliver a script that is outstanding in its simplicity and honesty. The truthful and oh-so-real story of these two people’s past relationship is laid bare before us.

From tenderness to anger they were totally convincing and drew the audience into their story

Charly Sommers as Jennifer and Russell Shaw as Ollie take us through the emotional rollercoaster of their relationship as they meet again after fifteen years apart. The differing views of their relationship shows how time can put many slants on the reality of our emotions. They flirt, chastise, deceive and empathise their way through their recollections. What really happened? We are left to come to our own conclusions.

The acting was exemplary from both actors as they skirt and dance around each other. The simple set and clever lighting made sure that our focus is entirely on the words that these accomplished actors deliver so brilliantly. Jennifer and Ollie displayed a full range of emotions as they played out their varying versions of what their relationship was and is to themselves and each other. From tenderness to anger they were totally convincing and drew the audience into their story. In one scene they performed their previously delivered monologues simultaneously, which must be applauded for the skill with which they did it. A burst of applause was the response and it was very well deserved.

It could have been a five star review but it seemed as if the play ended too abruptly. With the audience so engrossed, it came as a shock when the house lights came up. We were drawn into these people’s lives and then released from them so suddenly it felt like a loss. The play was well written and wonderfully performed; yet, the audience and I were left slightly unsatisfied with the close. 

Reviews by Gill Balfour

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The Blurb

When ex-lovers meet after a gap of many years, what can we believe about the stories they tell? 'So You Say' explores the divergence of the stories we tell about events and shared experiences. Do these unreliable narratives arise from differing perspectives, self deception, or downright dishonesty? A fast-paced journey through the past and the present. Funny, shocking, and bittersweet. With Charly Sommers and Russell Shaw Directed by Sam Chittenden.