Snow White: The Whole Grimm Affair

Feeling underwhelmed is something which you won’t experience at any point during Snow White: The Whole Grimm Affair and this is evident from the very start.

The performers throw themselves into the show with a camped-up, woman-on-woman, prison fight scene complete with orange boiler suits.

The performers throw themselves into the show with a camped-up, woman-on-woman, prison fight scene complete with orange boiler suits. As the show progresses and the fierce, sassy characters are given identities, stories and explanations (albeit eccentric and almost unbelievable ones), the show reveals a meaningful moral to explore. The story centers around ‘the world’s hottest female’, a Deborah White whose selfish, egotistical and downright cruel measures to keep her title and fame make for the perfect 21st century fairy tale villain.

The political and social commentary played out through the duration is totally on point and executed brilliantly. This is from the musical number all about the sleeziness of tabloid journalism to the disturbingly accurate rap performance by Princely, who bears a striking resemblance to Justin Beiber. However, there is one seemingly budget-related problem which can’t be overcome with gags and that is the lack of microphones. The beginning of the performance was beset by speech and lyrics being drowned out by the accompanying music, however much the performers projected. The actors also delivered their lines very quickly at the start, which meant that it was difficult to understand. This did improve throughout the performance and could possibly be attributed to nerves. Despite initial volume problems, the two female leads did round off the show with some amazing vocal performances and a whole lot of attitude.

The show is packed full of of laugh out loud moments but it ultimately boils down to a satire on our obsession with celebrity. Their comedic method of highlighting this issue means that you’re learning without even realising, the state of popular culture really is the only thing grimm about this whole affair.  

Reviews by Alaina Briggs

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Snow White: The Whole Grimm Affair

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New black comedy musical satirising celebrity culture in a modern take on Grimm. 34 eccentric characters are performed by a cast of 5 to tell the tale of an ex-page three model’s fall from grace. With it’s dark theme devilishly juxtaposed against its tongue in cheek sing-a-long hooks, the show takes you on a Python-esque journey on the back of Rocky Horror’s motorcycle to dizzying heights of hilarity. “A catchy, hilarious musical. Fun, fast, sadistic farce, Disney this isn’t!” ***** (Broadway Baby)