Snoutology for Beginners
  • By Kyung Oh
  • |
  • 20th Aug 2014
  • |
  • ★★★★

Professors White Fang and Dr. Gary are two dogs-cum-scientists and in this educational seminar, they teach us about Snoutology (“the -ology of Snout”). It is a silly variety show - a natural history lesson from a dog’s point of view. They preach that we should use our snouts more and that we should go out walking naked in order not to block our smells from our peers.

Suspend your expectations and inhibitions, have a sense of humour, and just go with it.

They instruct us to do the sign of the dog (putting up your right paw) and recite “we forgive you” - we humans forgive them for treating our legs as sexual objects to shag, and they forgive us for giving them the snip. Dr Gary (Jimmy Whiteaker) has a proclivity for going around, sniffing the audience members’ bottoms, while the stern Professor White Fang (Lindsay Foster) must reel him back into the task at hand of giving the seminar.

Real-time video feedback is used throughout the show to add to the humour. The performance has a deliberately cheap production value and light-hearted, playful audience interaction lifts the mood to a fun, nonsensical place. The show, written by Glenys Evans, by no means tries to be profound; that’s the whole point of it. Suspend your expectations and inhibitions, have a sense of humour, and just go with it. It’s an evening of silliness that is exactly in the spirit of the Fringe!

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Snoutology for Beginners

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The Blurb

‘In today's seminar we will be studying Snoutology. That's the ology of Snout, in case you're wondering. Or for the less intuitive amongst you, how to use your snout more effectively’. Join Professor White Fang and Dr Gary, both accomplished dogs in their own right, in their acclaimed training seminar for humans who have lost their senses. Snoutology for Beginners is a raucous theatre show performed by one actor with a learning disability and one without. With quirky animation, audience participation and ground-breaking 4D technology, this is bonkers observational comedy of the canine kind. Drinks included.