Snap is an incredible display of the very best magic performance that South Korea has to offer. The cast of eight magicians represent a diverse range of magical skills and Casa Kim directs the whole show with panache.

A gorgeous act involving digital projections and playful choreography draws gasps, laughter and applause

A trio named The Tricksters provide our literal doorway into the performance with wonderful mime and slapstick as they attempt to unlock a mysterious portal. They return throughout the hour for short skits that delight and are a highlight of the show. It’s a lovely way to link the various magicians’ different styles with acts being presented as extensions of the Tricksters magical world.

Our first act is delightful in its simplicity. Zeki Yoo produces a myriad of origami windmills in a routine that is as whimsical as it is beautiful. This is followed by the mysteriously named E.K. who performs a sexy tango: it features more dance than magic but manages to be an engaging number.

Things change pace with Hun Lee AKA “The Time Traveller” who performs a fairly standard (although quite skilled) playing card manipulation and production routine, which becomes a much more memorable act when he then reproduces the whole bit in reverse. It’s a unique finale that I’ve never seen before.

Kim Young-min is every inch the modern magician who performs seeming miracles with a pile of sand. Items are created out of cascading sand and seemingly sent back to oblivion in a puff of glitter. It’s a unique act that stands out from the already very good line-up.

The two best acts are left to the end. E.K. and Zeki Yoo return with a phenomenal quick-change routine that sees them swap dozens of outfits in moments. It’s fast paced and fun. Ted Kim’s ‘Dreamer’ – a gorgeous act involving digital projections and playful choreography draws gasps, laughter and applause and is the perfect end to an hour of fabulous magic.

Snap is an almost perfect show. Cards change into other cards, paintbrushes disappear and reappear before transforming into spectacles but many of the tricks are so subtle that the audience in the large auditorium miss the gag. However, the show is engaging, entertaining and well worth catching if you want some magic in your life.

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The Blurb

BBC quoted 'South Korea as a hotbed of talented new magicians.' To prove that, the New York Times, ITV and the Oriental Daily all gave rave reviews to each of the artists and directors of SNAP! A contemporary mystery magical performance SNAP, a multi-faceted art performance based on Magic combining ingenious stage language, illusion, mime, white art, and more. All award-winning artists bring to life characters such as The Alchemist, The Time Traveler, The Dreamer, The Trickster and a host of others to bring you a fantasy experience never seen before in the history of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.