Smoking With Grandma
  • Adelaide Fringe

We Refugee, The Eternal Foreigner; We are all...a drifting wood.Every refugee has an untold story behind closed doors.The Advertiser **** Hong Kong Theatre Libre ****(*)Edfringereview: "Speaks volumes in its silence..." Weekend Notes:"Relevant and a real theatre piece..."Collage: "Bringing the common human struggle into sharp focus..."This acclaimed show is back again after its touring from Hong Kong, Adelaide (2017), Edinburgh and Taiwan. Maia called 1996 the 'year of lost', the year before the transfer of sovereignty over Hong Kong, also the year her grandma passed away. Just the night before Tiu Keng Leng was going to disappeared from the map, Maia goes back to her late grandma's squatter. When Maia unveils the buried secrets of her grandma, she wants to go smoking with grandma.