Slaughterhouse Live

With acts like clean-mouthed comedian ‘Tommy Kittens’, this four-man comedy cabaret group could have you wiping away tears of laughter. However, with the variety of cabaret acts, the standard of comedy fluctuates a little too much, leaving you feeling distinctly underwhelmed.

The first act, ‘Alan Sonar’ (a visually impaired guitar player and juggler) may have been far from breathtaking, but his enjoyable act encouraged some optimism for what potential delights the show might hold in store. However the second act, ‘Dave Media’ (an irritating life coach), stumbled across some technical difficulties, as projector and screen stubbornly refused to respond. Dave Media embraced the glitch professionally and the crowd was able to feed off his own amusement at his predicament. This set the tone for an evening in which the actors would, if nothing else, very much enjoy themselves on stage.

The hour was sprinkled with moments of pure comic genius - completely absurd and delightfully ludicrous ‘Truth Prism’, a short documentary on the trials and tribulations of everyday life for a man cursed with warped perceptions of how long his arms are. Disappointing though are the equally unfunny acts dotted through the show, such as ‘Guy and Doll’ (a guy dancing next to a doll) which fails to encourage laughs.

Spending an hour at the caves with Slaughterhouse Live will guarantee a couple of real feel-good chuckles. However this also makes the performance frustrating, as with a few more clever creations like OCDC (a rock band plagued by OCD), this show could be really great. As it is, most of its material leaves you unmoved.


The Blurb

Comedy Store regulars return with their award-winning cabaret for four nights. An explosive mix of hilarious characters including Britain's cleanest comedian Tommy Kittens, obsessive-compulsive rock tribute act OC / DC. ‘Inspired creations' (Edinburgh Evening News). ‘Comedy gold' (John Thomson).