Sid Wick Has No Friends

Sid Wick sports a variety of wigs and props to aid his free fringe comedy show. A lively and enthusiastic man who lost my interest after 5 minutes and had me checking my watch for most of the show, Sid Wick doesn’t bring out the big guns this summer.

His most redeeming quality is his capable acting skill but he applies his abilities to a poorly written comedy sketch show

Wick uses several imaginary friends to help him in his routine, which consists of him jumping behind the stage screen to become them. Many of the intended jokes fail to muster up a chuckle from the audience, while some are simply cringeworthy. The Shaggy reference is grim, as is the Planet of the Apes one that he butchers in a horrible fashion. The mad scientist sketch isn’t all that funny but the cat burglar sketch had my left foot out the door - a clear plagiarism of The Simpsons that is neither funny nor original.

Wick is capable of becoming several different people very quickly but is barely amusing enough to hold an audience as at least 7 people left during the show. The sound and lighting was set up decently for such a small venue, and his ventriloquist routine with Kermit the frog was not bad and gained some laughs, but this quickly became forgotten with the return of the mad scientist sketch. Cliff Richard was the last friend to appear, but by this stage most of the audience had lost interest and were either on their texting on their phones or checking the time.

His most redeeming quality is his capable acting skill but he applies his abilities to a poorly written comedy sketch show that didn’t live up to the standards of a decent comedic act. Wick would have been better with some real friends to help him out and I feel he would do better in drama than comedy, as he fails to apprehend the basic principle of the latter: to make people laugh.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

Since all his pals abandoned him, award-winning music and sketch comedian Sid (of double-act Slap & Giggle) has had a severe nervous breakdown. Join his self-help group, where a new array of imaginary friends (including Cliff Richard, CoCo Monkey and Mr Kipling) work to rebuild his sanity before, inevitably, murdering each other. For free! 'Very original and very funny' ( 'Brilliant – sharp, creepy and perfect' (ThreeWeeks). 'Amusingly silly and twisted genius. An offbeat view of the world which is extremely enjoyable' (