Australian television regular Myf Warhurst hosts this event in the salubrious Palazzo. This is an opportunity to catch a glimpse behind the scenes of the Fringe as performers from all corners of the festival share what the experience has been like for them.

Have you wondered how these acts made it to the Festival? What’s the most challenging audience they’ve had to play to? How do Edinburgh audiences differ from others around the world? What are performers keen to see? These questions and more are answered by a fresh line up each day through a relaxed conversation with the amiable Warhurst.

In this particular installment we had a chance to hear about the Fringe experience from Canada’s stand up newcomer Graham Clark (of Afraid of the Clark), South Africa’s animated comedienne Tumi Morake and Australian drag queen Fez and circus performer Ben from the smash hit all-male burlesque Briefs.

Myf discussed with these four international performers what the Fringe was like for outsiders. What jokes had to change? What got laughs and what was taboo? Clark discussed some hilarious misunderstandings in word definitions that got ironed out after three shows. Morake reflected on going from thousand-strong audiences to crowds of just three, having come from a country with an unquenchable need for more comedy to the saturated market of the Edinburgh Festival. Fez and Ben discussed the sometimes shocked reactions their performances received and how to really communicate through marketing what the show is likely to be about.

While it got a bit meta reviewing a review show; it was a refreshing opportunity to step away from the scripted Fringe and get an insider’s perspective to the Festival. This eclectic mix of performers made for animated and informative discussion.

Check the Assembly Festival website to find out what performers will be turning up for a chat on which day. If you miss the performance but still want to catch the discussion you can also download the podcast.

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