Shostakovich Late

After a long day trotting around Edinburgh from venue to venue, taking chances on shows that turn out to be rubbish, take yourself down to The Royal Over-Seas League and ease away those aching feet with some complimentary wine and some more of the venue’s characteristically grand line-up of performances.

The award winning Castalian Quartet again proved their astounding abilities at Shostakovich by performing the contemporary work of Webern, Wood and Shostakovich with the same skill and gusto they have displayed with their performances of, what one might consider, more renowned and established classical works such as that of Haydn.

The Royal Over-Seas League certainly know what music is suited for what time of day and the rousing, textured work of Shostakovich acted as an aural pick-me-up before us “Fringe diehards”, as they call us, staggered back up the hill for some more late night gallivanting.

If you are at a lose-end at any time of day at any point during the festival, make your way to The Royal Over-Seas League and enjoy the impressively high standard of music they have on offer. Be it morning, noon or night they will have just the thing you need.

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The Blurb

Shostakovich's searing String Quartet No 11, plus Webern's lush late romantic Langsamer Satz performed by the Castalian Quartet. Perfect musical nightcap for Fringe diehards. Includes a complimentary glass of wine beforehand.