Short & Curly: A Curly Night In

This hilarious comedy sketch follows comic-actor duo Curly (Paul F Taylor) and Short (Rebecca Shorrocks) through a night of trying to prove they can act– Curly’s laminated CV is even scattered across the seats to help prove his point. Curly’s ultimate goal is to win the approval of Kevin Spacey, “the best actor in the world,” by performing a three original sketches and a few hilarious renditions of classic monologues, putting a hilarious twist on characters like Forrest Gump and The Little Mermaid’s Ariel. Meanwhile, Short uses her own skills to both act in the sketches with Curly and singlehandedly trick him into thinking he’s getting advice from the ever-glorified Kevin Spacey.

Completely hilarious and amazing to see the actors take on so many different roles within such a short timespan.

Front row beware: Curly has no problem getting up close and personal with his audience, even treating those close enough to a few whiskey shots and cuddles. If you’re lucky, you might even be picked to help hold props or lighting gear, but he’s not afraid to call you out if you’re doing it wrong. The participative show has the audience laughing constantly, whether during the sketches or the hilarious stand-up type bits in between.

The duo have mastered their American accents, easily heard in the raspy Western characters they take on in their first sketch, a Western-movie style play revolving around the hotel chain, Best Western. Short stars as the villain in the second sketch, a hilarious Batman parody that will have the audience in stitches, especially when it comes to Curly trying to fit into a pair of superhero tights. Gone With The Wind and the Willows combines these two very different classic stories in a hilarious new way, where the characters go on an accidental drug trip and complain about “got-damned white bitches!” The closing sketch shows off the duo’s impressive musical skills as they embark into a gorilla-zombie-war-musical. While it’s not the easiest plotline to follow, it’s completely hilarious and amazing to see the actors take on so many different roles within such a short timespan. While they may not have proven their acting prowess to Kevin Spacey, the comics certainly prove it to the audience in this spoof-laden skit series.

Reviews by Jamie Stuart

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The Blurb

Join highbrow sketch group member Curly for a relaxing night in with his classic highbrow films. Hopefully he'll avoid any disruption from that anarchic and ridiculous Short character who will surely lower the tone. Expect high energy, shambolic sketches in which they both play multiple characters and utilise a ludicrous quantity of sometimes cumbersome props. 'Quick changes and even quicker wit. The sketches are well written and excellently executed' ****(ThreeWeeks). 'Fantastically good fun' ( 'Sketch comedy duo don't let any opportunity for a laugh escape' (List).