Shirley and Shirley Unleashed

Shirley and Shirley Unleashed is a show about two women who, as the title suggests, do indeed seem somewhat feral (especially in their binge-drinkers-turn-into-wild-monkeys act). This vibrant comedy duo write and perform sketches, mainly about women, in a style not unlike those on Smack the Pony.

They take on subjects such as the Royal family, the London riots, dating shows and self-help books, and flaunt an array of accents and cultural impressions that includes Italy, France, Eastern Europe, the London ghetto and the middle East, to list but a few. The pair play on the assumption that vulgar things said by attractive, well brought-up young women seem funnier than when said by men, which is true in this case as many of their sketches are sex-based. Some were very cleverly composed sketches and others, not so much clever as just plain hilarious.

The audience were having a great time, especially a woman who shared a first name with the two performers and a rather defenceless young man who managed to get his head pressed against one of the Shirley’s bosoms. He was also not the first of the male members of the audience to be flirted with, charmed, mortified or questioned by the pair.

Go and see their show – it’s Shirley the most fun way to kick off an afternoon at the Fringe.

The Blurb

Shirley and Shirley are back with their brand new sketch and character comedy show. 'Two of the freshest and most energetic performers in Edinburgh' ***** (James Corden). 'These girls are going all the way' **** (Herald).