Shellshock! Improv Live!

Improvisation is the one word that can strike fear into the heart of any actor no matter what their experience. The idea of making it up as you go along is a very tricky skill to make entertaining; but here we have six very talented improvisers willing to create a fifty minute performance out of practically nothing.

Each night will hold something different but you can guarantee it will be hilarious.

The show consists of a variety of games and sketches that are fuelled by the audience’s suggestions. They use a mixture of music, words, characters and even members of the public to help them through their improvisations. They continue each activity to an appropriate length so nothing becomes boring or is gone too quickly. The show flows so smoothly that you can hardly believe almost an hour has passed and are left wanting more.

They automatically set up a very friendly and casual atmosphere, which is a difficult thing to create when everyone knows this show obviously involves audience interaction; something that can make anyone quite nervous. The team were successful in comfortably making you part of the action.

An admirable quality of the group is that they were aware when something wasn’t working or wasn’t as funny as they thought it would be. There was always one or more members of the group that were ready to jump in to change the subject or get the scene back on track. The teamwork was very apparent and it’s obvious they know very well how each individual works, creating a very strong and flexible group. They seemed to be able to cope with anything thrown at them. In fact, they seemed almost bullet proof.

Although the entire show is snappy and hilariously funny at points the material they use in some ways make you feel like you’re watching a drama club in action. These are very skilled improvisers and they could give themselves a much bigger challenge, they could certainly handle it. They seem to have mastered the material they have and this particular group could easily reach for the next step.

Each night will be completely different and original so there is no reason to stop anyone going to see this group more than once. Each night will hold something different but you can guarantee it will be hilarious. 

Reviews by Miss Ashleigh More

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The Blurb

Shellshock! returns for their eighth Fringe run with Shellshock! Improv Live!, a fun improvised comedy show filled with scenes, sketches, stories and games improvised entirely on the spot based on your suggestions. At every show our fate is in your hands so every performance is guaranteed to be totally original. So join Shellshock! armed with your ideas and suggestions for scenes for a hilarious improvised comedy show. 'Impressively sharp' ( Find us #StuckToAPillar.