Shakespeare in Song

Shakespeare in Song attempts to bring the works of Shakespeare to life using songs from through the centuries and chosen complimentary verses. Following a theme of the seasons, through to love and death, and ending with the power of music, In Voice and Verse take us on a beautiful journey through these wonderful pieces.

This trio are clearly very talented in their own right and work very well together.

The whole show is more or less a concert, with a projector present to help with the understanding of the lyrics and speeches. With just a pianist, one singer and an actor it's very simple and works well for the subject matter in hand.

Pianist Heather Chamberlain switches the clavinova from piano to harpsichord to suit perfectly the feel of each song. They represent a wide variety of musical history, from Sullivan to Quilter. Soprano Belinda Yates has a beautifully rich tone and makes even her top notes seem effortless. Lance Pierson provides "spoken interludes" to help narrate and punctuate the whole piece.

In the beautiful setting of St Cuthberts church, which fits this show perfectly, they certainly deliver what is promised. However the old style Shakespearean costumes are perhaps a bit much, and it's certainly more serene than exciting. Taking an old fashioned approach isn't necessarily a bad thing - but I would say that the group stuck loyally to a very traditional feel that some may find rather tedious.

This trio are clearly very talented in their own right and work very well together. Just don't expect anything other than what it says on the tin! 

Reviews by Hannah Lucy Baker

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The Blurb

A captivating programme of glorious song settings from across the centuries which illuminate Shakespeare's own words. Composers include Pelham Humfrey, Arne, Sullivan, Rossini, Quilter, Parry, Madeleine Dring and Richard Stoker. Performed by Soprano Belinda Yates and Pianist Heather Chamberlain, and interspersed with spoken extracts from Shakespeare's works by Actor Lance Pierson. ‘Entertaining, informative, evocative’ (English Music Festival).