Sexmaniac. Anarchist Theatre Only for the Mentally Unhinged
  • Edinburgh Fringe

Its 2015. Alex, 25, is like everybody else. Almost. To others. Precocious. High school diploma at 17, to college. Majored in business, bombed his exams. Now a bio major, ninth semester. Loner. Lives in his own world. Bookworm. Suffers under compulsions. Secret sex maniac. All varieties. Neurotic. Insatiable. A moral pretender but living a lie. Puts Philip Roth's scandalous, ingenious Portnoy in the shade. Conspicuous consumer, high-gloss lifestyle, empty of meaning. His life shrinking to a single dimension. A merciless theatre. Who cares? Censored by 1515 and Momentum Theatre (Chicago).