Sex with Animals

For the second year running, Sex With Animals hits the Fringe in an outrageously hilarious fashion with solo star Ryan Good taking to the stage in a lion onesie. When the befitting introductory background music ‘Rocky Raccoon’ ends, Ryan Good prances out on stage dressed in an attire that looks like Dwayne Johnson in the recent Hercules movie, thrusting his furry lion muff into the front row whilst dancing in a provocative fashion to the sound of Michael Jackson in a manner that would give Russell Brand a run for his money. Good wastes no time and dives straight into his routine following his striptease. No boring anecdotes. No ‘Hello, my name is xyz‘. Just a lion man, some horny monkeys and a whole lot of sexual tension.

Buy a drink, sit back and relax, and watch a couple of snails going at it. Just be prepared never to read or watch The Jungle Book again.

Accurate as much as he is eccentric, Good does not slow down, not even when he is informative, always on the ball and always in the zone as the jokes come one after the other. The Kurt Cobain doppelganger is aided by his producer and lover Lucy Tafler, his superb sound and lighting operator Eddie James, and his stuffed Bonobo chimp toy ‘Shady Nasty’ (say it fast enough). The size of the Underbelly’s Delhi Belly makes for a more intimate and humorous experience that is made all the more brilliant by audience reactions. Hats off to audience member Karen for playing an unrehearsed and authentic horny shemale trying to allure a young Ryan Good online. And if you are truly lucky enough, you might just witness a complete stranger enter the venue straight for the promises of Good’s OkCupid profile.

The main source of Good’s humour derives from the sexual activities of the animal kingdom, told in a hysterical fashion that the American comedian has moulded with his own devilish paws: did you know that guinea-pigs can perform fellatio upon themselves? Aside from his comedy relating to animals and their sexual habits, Good also regales us with some amusing experiences of his own including his misadventures in a sex party in Brooklyn and the horrors of the cat-mask wielding ‘Bootyum’, the problems of internet dating, and an amusing story that leads to one mouth and a whole lot of carrots.

The only downside to this show is that it will kill whatever memories of childhood you have, especially if you owned pets or enjoyed Disney movies. The Lion King is pretty much f***ed, as is Bambi. But if you’re cool with hearing some tortoise sex noises then you shouldn’t have any problems.

Strangely poetic as it is bizarrely rambunctious, Ryan Good’s message is simple: open yourself up to all sorts of possibilities; and also humping is awesome. Some of you may come out feeling somewhat violated and wondering what the hell just happened in there. The answer is simple: you just watched Sex With Animals. So buy a drink, sit back and relax, and watch a couple of snails going at it. Just be prepared never to read or watch The Jungle Book again.

Reviews by Stuart Mckenzie

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The Blurb

'David Attenborough meets Eddie Izzard on Grindr' ( An expedition through the often hilarious, occasionally profound sexual habits of the animal kingdom. Ryan the bisexual lion explores the far reaches of the animal world and the depths of his sexuality in this 2013 sold out Fringe smash hit! From bonobo chimps to Brooklyn sex parties, gay penguins to polyamory, and boobies (the blue-footed Ecuadorian bird) to boobies (the awesome ones), no stone is left un-humped. ‘Obscenely good. Swashbucklingly erudite. Fantastically subversive' ***** ( **** (ThreeWeeks). 2014 Adelaide Fringe Best Comedy Commendation.