Sex With Animals
  • London Fringe

Sex With Animals sold out its entire run at the Edinburgh Fringe 2013 and now premieres in London at The Hope Theatre, Islington from 28th May - 21st June 2014 following an award-winning run at Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Performed and created by Ryan Good, a long term member of the Edinburgh Fringe First-winning

Neo-Futurists (and now one of the most highly regarded experimental theatre companies in America) this is touchingly performed personal exploration of sexuality and sexual practice.

In an expedition through the often hilarious, occasionally profound sexual habits of the animal kingdom, Ryan Good (AKA Ryan the Bisexual Lion) has surveyed the sexual habits of the animal world alongside his own unconventional sexuality. Ryan spent over a year researching in the Peruvian rainforest, the Galapagos and the wilds of San Francisco. From gay penguins to failed first gay sex, monogamous albatrosses to polyamorous coffee mornings, and boobies (the rare blue footed Ecuadorian bird) to boobies (the human sort) Ryan discovers that the animal kingdom's sexual proclivities are as diverse and perverse as our own.

In a world where gender, sexuality and dating is becoming more fluid, this liberating show posits an audacious and unbounded alternative to the moral and social barriers we've erected between ourselves.