Sex Guru

Wolfgang Weinberger has been described by the Guardian as 'Austria's most prominent sexologist since Sigmund Freud'; he has performed to over half a million people around the world and, judging by the testimonials shown at the beginning of his show, many people have had their relationships strengthened, even saved, by Weinberger - the Baron of the Bedroom. When he has a full, raucous crowd in front of him I imagine Weinberger – the Duke of the Duvet - has his audience laughing, crying and revealing intimate details about their boudoir habits. Sadly though, when the audience barely reaches double figures and two thirds is made up by a group of middle-aged friends, many of whom were not keen to interact, Weinberger – the Lord of the Lay – despite his best efforts, struggles to get through the show.

Although not entirely his fault, Weinberger – the Earl of the Erection – did not have any secondary material to pull out in case of a lacklustre crowd. He is certainly a likeable, knowledgeable man and his show, subtitled as 'The Sexologist Comedy Show', does contain a number of laugh-out-loud gags and some genuinely interesting facts and figures. However, Weinberger - the Viscount of the Vagina – could do with some back-up structure to save himself in times of peril.

At the end of the show, after Weinberger – the Commander of the Clitoris – had read out some questions he had received from past participants, he smiled warmly and told us how he had had a great time and that he would remember this show forever. I feel he will remember it for the wrong reasons. It was not a conquest but an awkward fumbling, like he had tried to take off his trousers before his socks and then had to ask us to take off our own bras. Looking into his eyes, I could see Weinberger – the King of the . . . erm . . . Sex – plead with me in that way that only under-performing males can, that look that says, 'I'm so sorry, this never normally happens’.

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Righteously funny, obscenely cheeky, yet always intelligent, this is a bold, new approach to resolve the battle of the sexes! You are sure to leave on a theatrical climax and with more than a few tricks up your sleeve!