Set List: Stand-Up Without a Net

Every comedian has their set-list: jokes which are tried and true, presented in a timely fashion to showcase their best zingers, punchlines and their best dick joke. It can be as short as 5 minutes at a showcase or gala spot or an hour-long show. But no matter the length, it’s something the comedian is more than comfortable with. Set-List: Stand-Up Without a Net takes that concept and throws it completely out the window pushing even the most veteran comedians above and beyond their comfort levels. Each night several comedians take to the stage and need to improvise their jokes based on what appears on the screen behind them. Comedians like Luisa Omielan, Jarrod Christmas, Daniel Sloss and Kai Humphries arrive with their never before seen set lists featuring jokes about manipulative puppies, recreational paralysis, AirBnBrexit, and 'The Foreskin of Life', all the while maintaining their individuality as comics.

Pushing even the most veteran comedians above and beyond their comfort level

Set-List brings whatever you might expect of any late night comedy show. The material given to the comedians is purposefully shocking and ridiculous and on occasion will throw even the most skilled veterans through a loop. On the night of this review some broke 'character', but again that’s the challenge the show presents. From an audience stand point it might be a bit difficult to follow and while host Kai Humphries does a fantastic job of moving things along it can be a challenge to keep track of the comedians because the names aren’t posted anywhere on the stage (they’re merely introduced before and after their set and announced prior to the show).

Some of the more 'obscure' material might be difficult to handle or even understand. But at the very end of the day it’s a fun, entertaining show, and because the line up changes nightly it’s a great way to discover new comedians and potentially see some of your favorites in one night.

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Set List: Stand-Up Without a Net




The Blurb

'For anyone genuinely interested in comedy and comedians, this is the must-see show of the festival' ***** (Scotsman). Fast, furious, reliably brilliant, different every night! Literally as they walk onstage, in full view of the audience, comedians are flashed a never-before-seen "set list" of topics and must instantly create a spontaneous and original new stand-up set, right then and there. No existing material allowed; it's all improvised! Previous Set Listers include Trevor Noah and Robin Williams who raved about it: (here he is with his actual bit on Sky Atlantic's TV series