Seann Walsh: Seann 28

Brighton based comic, wild and woolly Seann Walsh is back in Edinburgh and playing to full houses at the Cabaret Bar in the Pleasance Courtyard.

He makes the whole comedy thing look effortless in the process

Seann is a new man and not strictly by choice. But life has been full of change (compromise) since moving in with his girlfriend and reaching the ripe old age of 28. The bachelor life of unwashed dishes, sleep ins, and Sky Sports till all hours is over. Instead there is clean washing, yoga, and, by all accounts, resentment.

Walsh’s show is testament to the rule that there’s nothing wrong with covering well-worn territory as long as you do it well. Trouble in domestic paradise is a pretty standard theme but Seann still manages to tell a unique story and elicit fresh connections in a scene we are all well versed with.

Walsh is a highly competent comic; mastering the arts of surprise, wordplay, accents and rage adroitly. He makes the whole comedy thing look effortless in the process. Not only that, but while the show might seem like an elongated complaint, something in Seann’s delivery ensures the whole experience is still uplifting and life affirming. One can sense distinct traces of Dylan Moran’s influence in the mix. And that is by no means a bad thing.

If the subject manner had been handled less expertly this show might have descended into second rate social commentary about how controlling, petty and manipulative women are. Standard fodder in some rooms of the Fringe. But Sean managed to steer clear of implying greater universal truths from his comedy, or that personalities might be based entirely on gender.

Seann Walsh is the everyman’s comic. Deeply funny, relatable comedy with a touch of the absurd. A rich and riotously funny hour of mirth. Come and see a master at work. 

Reviews by Alanta Colley

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The Blurb

2013 Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Award nominee and comedy's fastest rising star Seann Walsh returns to the Fringe with a new hour. Star of Channel 4's Stand Up for the Week, BBC1's Live at the Apollo and his own DVD. Seann is a charming and charismatic natural born observational storyteller and one of the most frighteningly precocious talents to emerge from the UK comedy circuit in years. '...unimprovable' ***** (Scotsman).