Sean McLoughlin: Kamikaze

Looking like footballer Lionel Messi, and bearing a name that has him often confused with comedian Sean Locke, this year Sean McLoughlin is on the lookout for some fans of his very own. With his latest Fringe show Kamikaze, I suspect he’s going to find them.

I doubt you’ll be able to find him in so intimate a venue again.

In a wonderfully dark hour, McLoughlin takes his audience through a cornucopia of subjects - terrorists as human beings, erectile dysfunction, depression, and suicidal thoughts - yet somehow, the whole hour manages to be uplifting. He displays true comedic skill. In days as dark as these, being able to make audience members belly-laugh about nightmare topics is an incredible achievement. McLoughlin’s particular brand of comedy is something we need more than ever right now.

This hour-long set includes a segment with time travel and a truly baffling dream sequence, what’s not to love about questioning your very existence? McLoughlin is an energetic performer, able to subvert his audience's expectations and truly surprise them. Even his most shocking material is delivered in an affable manner, which means you occasionally can’t quite wrap your mind around the words that have just come out of his mouth, making them all the more hilarious. At time you’ll definitely feel guilty laughing at his gags, most especially at his decided method of suicide, but you will not be alone, so don’t worry about it and just enjoy.

McLoughlin’s thoughts on the Cars franchise are hysterical. His hatred of superhero movies is outrageous. He is honest, insightful, intelligent, inappropriate and thoroughly funny, all at the same time. Anyone who is easily offended should really stay away, but for everyone else, McLoughlin is one to watch. And definitely one to see this Fringe. I doubt you’ll be able to find him in so intimate a venue again. 

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The Blurb

You can't keep a flawed man down. Sean McLoughlin returns. Another hour of supreme stand-up from 'the best comedian you haven't heard of yet' (Time Out) 'A terrifically intense, eloquent hour of comedy' **** (Independent). ‘Never less than compelling’ **** (List). ‘At once hilarious and painfully revelatory’ **** ( ‘A sheer maelstrom of emotion with jokes bombarded into the audience’ (Edinburgh Festivals Magazine). ‘The standout stand-up’ (Evening Standard). ‘What a genuinely fresh and powerful voice... wonderful’ (Scotsman). Doc Brown and Katherine Ryan tour support. As seen on Russell Howard's Stand-Up Central and Live at the Comedy Store.