Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre - In Space

If you are attracted by the glittering diversity of shows offered by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, then this is one for you. The energy pouring from the small tartan puppet theatre filled both stage and room, as the chatter bouncing between the two sock puppets had the whole audience in stitches.

For the sci-fi buffs amongst us, this is a must, but even if you don’t think that’s you, it’s difficult for the hilarity of a sci-fi-based-sock-puppet show to go unnoticed. The socks certainly seem to enjoy the theme, from their animated impersonations of related characters, to exuberant remakes of popular fantasy films. Amusing sock-based discussions of ‘green screen only’ serve to remind the audience of the impressive nature of the show’s effervescence, as these puppets need no special effects. The generous sprinkling of tongue-in cheek songs amp up the energy even further. Parodies, tongue twisters and improvised melodies delight the audience in equal amounts, and slot comfortably into the show’s fast paced variety.

However the funniest moments erupt in improvisation, which establishes a solid rapport between the conversing sock puppets and their audience. It provides space to breathe, a break amongst a whirlwind of exuberance. It also introduces the audience to the man behind the puppets, whose voice and muffled laughter is perceptible behind their musings upon the relative success of their jokes. Quips such as ‘don’t pretend you know how this works’ demand cheerful admiration in acknowledging the plethora of personalities that emanate from just one voice and two sock puppets. Unfortunately the weakest moments of the show also rumble amongst its improv, as some jokes are drawn out for too long whilst others simply fall on their head. However, the puppets remain constantly alert to the atmosphere they conjure, and deftly trick the audience back to joviality in the welcome return to their sci-fi based jokes. Dynamic and delightful, this is not a show to be missed.


The Blurb

The stars of stage, screen and YouTube bring you a new hour of songs, sketches, socks and violence. ‘Had every single audience member ... laughing until they cried’ ** * ** (Edinburgh Evening News).