Scott Gibson: Like Father, Like Son
  • West End

Award-winning comedian Scott Gibson returns with his sold-out, smash-hit Fringe show 'Like Father, Like Son'. 'Like Father, Like Son' is an honest, frank and painfully funny insight into the men who have influenced Scott's life - the good, the bad and the& indifferent. An unexpected reunion with his father - and the death of his grandfather - forced Scott to take a closer look at the men in his family, and to ask if there really is any truth in the old saying 'like father, like son'. A candid, intimate, sophomore show full of dark truths and uproarious laughter. Gibson and Richard Gadd made history at the 2016 Edinburgh Comedy Awards when they became the first Scottish winners to scoop both of the main prizes - Best Newcomer and Best Show, respectively - in the same year. "Riotously funny and at times painfully raw& an uplifting and life-affirming set" - The Herald "He delivers constant, big and hard laughs& a born raconteur who can hold your attention" - The List "You'll be left howling throughout his set& his storytelling is absolutely gorgeous. This guy has no shortage of talent [&] gut-bustingly funny" - Broadway Baby