Say Something

A performance where the embodiment of the communication between audience and performer is at the core of its success, Say Something is the epitome of a live event. I felt entranced, another audience member said it was bonkers, another found the experience claustrophobic. Say Something is a success because of, and not in spite of, these mixed responses.

Set in a large old room in Summerhall, Say Something perfectly compliments the architecture of the space; voices soar up to the ceiling as if wanting to communicate all that has passed and all that is to come.

Whether guiding the audience into different formations, gently singing to us or respectfully taking our hand, the performers were generous in their offerings while the audience members were generous in their acceptance. There were some beautiful moments of unity- a performer putting her mic towards an audience member who beautifully mimicked the melody sung by the choir- and of awkwardness- a performer stopping the piece to ask for feedback and no one in the audience wanting to speak up.

Reminiscent of animal packs and flocks of birds, the company - composed of professional dancers and a volunteer choir - moved about the room communicating through dance and song. A refrain of ‘I have something I wanted to say to you’ began and the promise of a story hung in the air. Yet while there were stories and themes emerging throughout, what was of more importance was the sense of the individual voice becoming stronger because it was part of the whole.

Say Something not only says something it does something; it does it beautifully and it is a joy to be part of making this something happen.

Reviews by Joanna Brown

The Blurb

h2dance/Escalator East to Edinburgh presents Say Something. An exhilarating mix of contemporary dance and live vocal/electronic score, putting audience and performers centre stage. This unique show explores group behaviour, conformism and freedom of expression.