Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens

Saucy Jack and the Space Vixens follows the unfolding story of a group of misfits working the infamous den of iniquity – Saucy Jacks space bar. Terror strikes at the heart of this community of outcasts when an old nemesis – the Sling Back killer, strikes again. The legendary Space Vixens arrive to try to solve this case, but will they find the Sling Back Killer before he strikes again?

Jamie Birkett returns as Jubilee Climax and is a powerhouse of stage presence, talent and sexual magnetism.

This cult Edinburgh hit is back in force with a new Jack played by Fred Gray who seems to have settled well into the role, giving a good number of well ad-libbed asides to noisy audience members.

Jamie Birkett returns as Jubilee Climax and is a powerhouse of stage presence, talent and sexual magnetism. Any time she appears in her glittering platforms she charismatically commands the attention of all and is the perfect leader of the Space Vixens.

Casper Cordwell James has made the role of Booby Shevalle his own, skilfully commanding a sincere naturalism in a part that invites the opposite. He draws some of the best laughs from his coolly delivered lines, while having the audience completely on side with the character in her quest to become a Space Vixen.

Adam Scott Pringle plays the talented Sammy Sax with a beautiful naivety that makes the character glow. Kristopher Bosch and Brendan Matthew play the unlikely love struck lovers Mitch Maypole and Dr Von Whackoff with hilarious unity. Their work together is a joy to behold and we feel a mixed sensation of happiness and side-splitting laughter as they finally get together in their very snug-fitting costumes.

Zoe Nicholls and Suzie Thorn play the love struck Vixens on different ends of the spectrum. Nicholls’ Bunny Lingus confidently commands the attention of her lovers and us, the audience, while delivering ridiculously funny double entendres. Thorn, playing ‘Anna Labia’ delivers the innocent yet determined character with charm.

Sophie Cordwell James is a crowd favourite as Chesty Prospects, the plastic toting space biker. Her sexually charged performance adds the vital ingredient of a strong dose of rock and roll to this disco space jaunt.

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The Blurb

‘The Rocky Horror Show for the millennium’ (Daily Mail). It’s not just set in a bar, it is a bar! Buy a beer from Saucy Jack himself and kick back for an intergalactic disco extravaganza that explodes all around you. Having delighted audiences on three continents, with three West End runs, this Fringe First-winning cult hit returns to its Edinburgh roots. ‘A wild and whacky night of plasticky razzmatazz!’ (Time Out). ‘One hell of a show!’ ***** (Scotsman). ‘Kill for a ticket!’ ***** (Edinburgh Evening News).