Sajeela Kershi: Paradise Beneath Her Feet!
  • Brighton Fringe

A new work-in-progress show from this multi award-winning comedian. Growing up Sajeela was taught that all mothers should be revered, as paradise lay beneath their feet. A difficult concept to understand for a child suffering from a verucca and sweaty, smelly feet. As an adult still no sign of this elusive paradise either beneath or above the planet she, or any other woman she knew, walked on. Just painful ingrowing toenails and the equally painful realisation that as a BAME woman in the 21st century, she was no nearer to entering the level playing field in gender politics that her white privileged feminist sisters appeared to enjoy. WTF? But what about women who choose not to have children? Are they to be punished and denied paradise? Why are women in her culture either angels or devils? Isn't it time we put the needs of ALL women BAE and rid the world of unnecessary buzz acronyms?Hilarious stand-up and true anecdotes from the crazy multi-cultural world of Winner of AWA (Acronym you can win) Asian Women of Achievement award. Star of Edinburgh (formerly Perrier) Award winning show (2007).**** (ThreeWeeks), **** (One4Review), **** (Broadway Baby).