Russell Kane: Smallness

He’s not Nick Grimshaw! Russell Kane is a superstar entertainer who often gets confused for the Radio 1 DJ. But he’s one of Britain’s top billings and is arguably a more formidable talent. He’s got cracking energy and knows how to work a huge audience.

It’s all funny and gets great laughs from the audience but much of it is quite obvious.

In Smallness, Kane comments on the social oddness of that particular odd bunch of people: the English. According to Kane, we’re a small island people famous for social awkwardness, sexual promiscuity and binge drinking. It’s not great, but it’s fair. The same can be said for Kane’s stand up that delivers big laughs and is socially astute, but doesn’t quite knock your socks off.

Kane talks about attitudes towards sex and relationships in a way that almost makes him the male equivalent and answer to Louisa Omielan of What Would Beyonce Do? fame. In fact, Kane touches on many similar points to Omielan’s show this year, Am I Right Ladies? But it’s considerably more light-hearted. There’s no emotional rollercoaster here, just good laughs.

He’s got great physicality and his impersonations of different Brits, Scots, Ausies and Yanks are also great. But while Kane’s observations are astute and entertaining they don’t feel completely fresh and occasionally you can tell where the punchline is going to land. Kane picks out the peculiar and social awkwardness of British people and compares them to other cultures in what is essentially typical us and them humour. It’s all funny and gets great laughs from the audience but much of it is quite obvious.

Kane is a comedian at the top of his game but he might need to push the boat out to stay there. 

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The Blurb

What is it with us and smallness? We Brits love it – being tiny but fierce, close but distant. The multi award-winning Russell Kane returns to Edinburgh with his sell-out big-small show that will have you popping with laughter. 'A seriously good comedian' (Times). 'Russell Kane delivers magic in spades' (Scotsman).