Russell Hicks: Unprepared

You’ve got to have a bit of a thick skin to go to Russell Hicks: Unprepared. The whole stand-up show is entirely improvised off the back of the audience. Whoever you are, you’re going to end up being at the butt of at least one of his jokes. And Hicks pulls few punches. If you’re up for a bit of a roasting, it’s hilarious stuff from a comedian who has a talent for riffing off the fly.

Hicks has a sharp wit and a cutthroat style.

Hicks has a sharp wit and a cutthroat style. He’s got the pessimism of Jack Dee mixed with the deadpan aggression of Dennis Leary. He’s offensive and not particularly PC and he’s not afraid of making his audience feel uncomfortable. Nothing’s off limits. To make his stand up work, Hicks observes his audience well and interacts with every one of them, creating a stand up based almost entirely off his crowd. He has a few topics to discuss while he’s deciding his moves, including but definitely not exclusive to stuff from the 80’s. He also tends to bring up a grudge match he’s developing with a certain small performer you might find around the Just the Tonic Venues. Sorry if that gives the game away Russell, but the dark side in me wants to see that battle. Like I say. Nothing’s off limits.

So stay away if you’re particularly sensitive. But if you’re looking for a rip-roaring night of tough love from a witty comedian, get yourself over to the Tron one night for Russell Hicks’ free show.

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