Rory O'Keeffe: Monoglot

Monoglot is a show about linguistics and languages. It is a show that is thoughtful and self-aware. It is a show that is funny, and not particularly outrageous or crude. In other words, this is a show you could bring home to mum. Furthermore, if your mum if left-wing, she’ll most certainly enjoy Rory O’Keefe’s show. This is not a show for someone who is extremely right-wing (or just very anti-Corbyn), as there is quite a good deal of political bits, especially toward the start of the set.

A fun hour, and probably some of the better stand-up you’ll see at this year’s Fringe.

As a comedian, Rory is quite funny and engaging. (I’ll bet he’d also do a bang-on Matt Smith impression, through sheer appearance alone, but that’s beside the point.) In his show, his material is consistently good, and he does a fine job of incorporating lights and PowerPoint -- to hilarious effect. He also does a really good job incorporating the audience, as well as engaging with hecklers.

There are few moments during Monoglot where the jokes Rory tells are ‘weak’, but there are quite a few moments where the humour is a bit more tame than what you might expect at Fringe. Don’t get me wrong: Rory is a smart, sensible comic. At times, however, I just wish that he’d brought the audience out of their comfort zone a little and relied less on silly gags.

Overall, Rory’s is very funny, in spite of what some might consider to be pretty dull subject matter (linguistics and languages). To his credit, he manages to wrench more humour out of these perhaps ‘dull’ topics than a lot of comics do out of far more outrageous premises, and this is an impressive feat. In this show, he takes the audience places that are a bit more plain than most other comics might -- but he is just as funny. This afternoon’s audience seemed to enjoy most of Rory’s set. A fun hour, and probably some of the better stand-up you’ll see at this year’s Fringe. 

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The Blurb

Affable young funny man Rory O'Keeffe doesn't know any foreign languages. This apparently makes him a monoglot, which may or may not be a word. Join the 'Intelligent youngster' (Time Out) for his debut, as he tries to learn a new tongue, explores why we never say what we mean, and asks whether men and women really do speak different languages (spoiler alert: they don't). 'Comedy for a post-recession graduate generation' **** (Fest). 'Utterly hilarious' ***** (ThreeWeeks). 'His amicable charm and vigour makes for a highly enjoyable performance... a tightly composed and expertly delivered romp' **** (