Rocky Horror

Rocky Horror, a timeless cult classic. It didn’t take long to get into the spirit of the film after being welcomed by a number of the cast at the door clad with fishnets and feather-boas pushing you towards the snacks and drinks. With a mixture of performance and projection, watching the gender-bending, sci-fi masterpiece, was once again far from disappointment. The fabulous Stephanie Von Clitz put on quite the show and even kept the audience in high spirits through some technical difficulties. As always it was nice to see a lot of audience interaction which went down a treat by the colourful, fishnet wearing audience.

the Rocky Horror spirit and also true Brighton spirit the LGBTQ community was celebrated

Although there have been a number of different versions created over the years of the classic feature-length musical, this night certainly delivered plenty of wonderful acting, singing, dancing and general merriment. It took no less that two minutes and a couple of vocal warm up’s, that Von Clitz began to question the audience about their singing abilities. And of course this prompted their renditions of the catchy tunes from the Richard O’Brien’s 1975 production, ensuring that if you weren’t in over-the-top makeup and dancing to the Time Warp you would be the weird one. The audience, in true Rocky Horror spirit, joined in with the classic tunes Sweet Transvestite, I’m Going Home, and all the other wonderfully camp songs, as well as a couple being able to recite the script word for word; possibly even giving Susan Sarandon a run for her money.

Besides the show being wonderfully charming and, as ever, weird and whacky, the Old Courtroom was a surprisingly good contrast to the out-there performance, acting as a superb space for the show. The venue also allowed the audience to enjoy both food and drinks, allowing the merriment to continue on into the late evening. The Rocky Horror spirit and also true Brighton spirit the LGBTQ community was celebrated through a brilliantly expressive, arty musical extravaganza. Overall, a wonderful balance of acting, dancing, singing, watching and utterly bizarre, spectacular, wonderfulness.

Reviews by Sophie Wyatt

The Old Courtroom

Rocky Horror




The Blurb

Let's do the time warp again! Join host Stephanie von Clitz for a unique opportunity to watch this cult classic in the Victorian surroundings of Brighton's Old Courtroom. Don't forget the rice and newspapers. Fishnets at the ready... Rating: 15.