Rocky Horror Night

For the 16th year, twice a week during the festival, Frankenstein’s pub is taken over by Frank N Furter and the gang for Rocky Horror Night! It’s a raucous fun-filled evening of Rocky Horror-themed debauchery in a venue where Halloween is all year round and the dramatic presentation of Frankenstein’s Monster is somewhat akin to the creation of Rocky.

A whole load of debauchery, entertainment and fun

The first thing you note is that Rocky Horror Night is certainly not a production of The Rocky Horror Show, so don’t come along expecting to sit down and see a stage show. Similarly, it is not just a screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, although clips of it run on screen throughout the night to keep those images in mind.

It is a Rocky Horror-themed pub night, which our Frank N Furter describes as a cross between Coyote Ugly and The Rocky Horror Show. The performers jump up on the bar and sing all the best numbers, from Dammit Janet to Touch-A Touch-A Touch-A Touch Me. You are encouraged to come along in your best Rocky fancy dress, but if not, you can make up for it by dancing and singing your heart out, especially with The Time Warp. With a few numbers at a time, the performances partition an evening of quality DJing that plays songs that you can’t resist getting up and dancing to – with music from the last few decades to the present day.

Unfortunately, as it was a Monday night, the pub was quite quiet and some performers seemed to be a little affected by this but the small crowd grew as the night went on. With entertaining performances from Thomas McFarlane and Leylah Watban as Brad and Janet, we see cabaret, burlesque and there is even the chance for some audience participation.

If that doesn’t have you shivering with antici…pation, then prepare yourself for the real star of the show: Steven Crawford as the audacious hedonist Frank N Furter, whose pipes could blow the house down. Crawford’s unapologetic brazenness when mocking a few audience members is hilarious. it’s no wonder that he is the force behind this event’s resilience in the festival for over a decade and a half.

If you’re a fan of the movie musical then you will absolutely love this night spent celebrating its standing as the cult classic it is. Oh, and did I mention, it’s free! Lose your inhibitions and whack out your fishnets and corset because the Rocky Horror Night is a whole load of debauchery, entertainment and fun. Let’s do The Time Warp again!

Reviews by Katie Daniel

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The Blurb

Every Monday and Wednesday come up to the lab, and see what's on the slab as Dr Frank N Furter gives in to absolute pleasure! The gang are returning for the 16th year of Rocky Horror-themed fishnet fun and frolics at the one and only Frankenstein! So, dammit Janet! Dress to impress and dig out those fishnets!