Rocket Science

Rocket science takes a Disney-esque look at the usual high school issues. Hal has a jack hammer stammer and as a result is a victim of high school segregation. Life is bleak with his parents divorce at home, a condescending vocational instructor and few prospects for the future. Then the Queen bee of the school turns up to achieve her own dreams using him, to win the school state debating contest. Hal must find out that overcoming his problems isn’t "rocket science"Advertised as "The hilarious new anti-high school musical" it does very little to combat the plague that is the success of the genre. I was hoping that at any moment it would turn into a genuine "anti- high school musical" perhaps with a bit more mugging or even a Columbine twist. Sadly no, it remains far too similar to every other high school musical, except this time it’s about poor enunciation instead of deficient physical abilities. All the same this is a very well done show. Every character has a strong voice and is well suited to musical theatre. There were cheesy lines and moments of great humour, mainly from the dysfunctional character Lewinsky. The songs are entertaining, well composed and well performed. The production is fantastic but it would have to be if it's going to use the same ideas as hundreds of musicals before it. If you like the high school musical genre then you will enjoy this show, but probably not my company.

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In this hilarious anti-high school comedy, worlds are falling apart all over New Jersey. This is the story of Hal Hefner, life-long stutterer and oddball, and his determination to risk everything for the one he loves.