Robin Ince's Rorschach Test

For a man who claims to be a ‘professional idiot’ Robin Ince sure seems to know a lot. Rorschach Test is a show that’s ‘probably about art and definitely about a goat’ Ince informs us in his trademark breakneck style. While he insists that the show should really be classed as spoken word and not comedy, there are plenty of laughs, even for those not well-versed in Ince’s often niche references.

A thrilling rollercoaster that is entertaining and educational in equal measure.

With ferocious energy, Ince rattles through a slideshow of his favourite images, from a picture of professional wrestler Kendo Nagasaki to the likeness of Donald Trump painted in menstrual blood. His enthusiasm is infectious as he races from tangent to tangent.

There is no script or structure in sight, just a high speed stream of consciousness, seemingly, on whichever topics are most intriguing at that particular moment. Ince's passion for art and science is palpable and it's this sheer love for his subject matter that makes him so fascinating to listen to. A scientific description of how a painting is beautiful because of the journey of photons and the actions of the brain as we see it is particularly inspiring.

Ince’s high speed ramblings culminate in a realisation that he has just one minute in which to cram in the 20 minute finale. As he skips 25 slides we don't have time for, I'm slightly disappointed but mainly left with a desire to come again tomorrow for what I'm sure would be a completely different but equally riveting experience.

While perhaps light on real belly laughs, Rorschach Test is more of an art lecture than a stand up routine, but its delivery is so compelling the audience don't mind for a moment. Whether you’re an art amateur or an aficionado, Robin Ince’s Rorschach Test is a thrilling rollercoaster that is entertaining and educational in equal measure.

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Robin Ince's Rorschach Test




The Blurb

Presenter of BBC's Rose d'Or award-winning Infinite Monkey Cage gets excited about goats on canvas, matchstalk men and holes in pelvis bones in a show probably about art. Expect a frenetic hour where Robin tries to explain why he likes staring at art and the best overheard conversations are in art galleries. From Georgia O'Keeffe to Robert Rauschenberg via Stanley Spencer, Robin will attempt to translate the thoughts in his head into spoken words. 'The Zoolander of reasonably priced knitwear' (Brian Cox). And he has a new book out, I'm a Joke... and So Are You.